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How to verify an account (KYC)

• 30 August 2022

As required by local regulations, all PaySika users must provide their identity before taking full advantage of all the company’s services. If you have never verified your identity, the information will be shown in the application, either in the “card” tab, or in the tab giving personal information. Simply click on “unverified” and follow the different steps, in particular :

  • Fill in your personal information (neighborhood, city and country).

You must put your NIU number (Unique Identification Number). This is a document provided by the Cameroonian tax authorities.
We tell you how to get it in this article:

  • Choose the type of document to validate your identity.

The driver’s license is no longer allowed.
You must use either:

  • A valid receipt + Birth certificate.
  • A CNI
    -A passport
  • Take a photo of the document (front then back or one side only, depending on the document) directly in the application.
  • Take a well-framed selfie directly in the application.
  • Validate to finalise

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