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Good news: PaySika increases limit

News PaySika • 21 September 2023

To date, many of you have requested our service to make transactions of more than $ 1,000 on merchant sites such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, etc.

Indeed, knowing and managing the limit of your credit card allows you to avoid many disappointments on a daily basis. It is, indeed, a key information to effectively manage your budget.

In addition, as you can imagine, you can not use your virtual card unlimitedly. Nevertheless, because PaySika cares about all its customers, we thought of setting a cap suitable for users (entrepreneurs, individuals, etc.) who make large transactions.

Did you know that thanks to your USD bank card, you can now make payments of up to 1 million FCFA per month? On the other hand, it is impossible for you to pay 500,000 FCFA or more in a single transaction. To do this, you should make several payments if you have purchases of more than 500,000 FCFA to make.

In addition, you always have the opportunity to make your online transactions of more than 1 million FCFA. Do you have any doubts? The best is to contact customer service via the app’s chat. It should be noted that to benefit from this new ceiling, you must first meet the required conditions:

·       Have a PaySika account in Cameroon

·       Reassure yourself that you have your account verified

·       Have a USD card. Get it here directly

Knowing that the price of the dollar has risen to 680 FCFA instead of 692 FCFA, the fixed costs remain unchanged for the moment. As you know, PaySika is not a bank, we set rates according to the market and our suppliers.   

·       Between $1 and $5, you are charged 150 FCFA

·       Between $6 and $10, you are charged 300 FCFA

·       Between $11 and $100, you are charged 600 FCFA.

·       At more than $100, you are charged 1%.

Be careful! For 3 (three) attempts to pay with insufficient balance, your card is blocked. You will have to reload it immediately because, at 5 (five) failed attempts, the card is automatically deactivated. In order to avoid this, you must make sure that you have $1 or $2 extra on the amount to be paid.  

If you have never used the PaySika app, we tell you:

-How to top up your PaySika account HERE

– How to deposit on your USD credit card HERE

PaySika remains your best ally for all your large online payment transactions. Download V2.3 of your banking app and benefit from its new features now.

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