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News PaySika • 27 September 2023

Are you a young student who wants to deepen your knowledge in order to be more competitive on the job market?

Don’t worry, with the rise of the Internet in Africa, distance learning has become an asset for young people. Especially if they have a simple smartphone. In addition, the costs associated with online training are not always exorbitant. They vary for some from one training to another.  

If you want to know how much online training costs, we invite you to consult this article.  

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Okay, Why train remotely?

On the web, it is becoming more and more difficult to find your way among all the e-learning platforms available. Whether, you want  to find a job and retrain professionally or simply learn a program to develop your creativity. There is bound to be an online training site that will meet your needs and budget.  

But, today, distance learning is an easy alternative for young students looking for diverse and certifying training. This not only saves time, but also reduces effort. 

In addition, it is possible to freely choose where to follow your online courses and as well as your pace of work. Indeed, there are several online training platforms, but not all are equal. Some sites are free and others pay. Some of the best online training platforms include LinkedIn learning, Udemy, Coursera, edX, OpenClassrooms , ect.  

Some Best Online Training Sites and Their Cost

Did you know that distance learning is sometimes less expensive than traditional training? Similarly, online training offers advantages that face-to-face training do not.

Their cost is thus 2 to 5 times lower than for a traditional training: no trainer travels, no student pays transport costs.

But concretely, how much does it cost?

In reality, the prices of an online training vary from one site to another. It is also worth noting that most online training platforms offer free courses and programs. Also, it may turn out that some of them only offer in free mode a showcase of content to discover in paid mode.  

For some sites like Coursera, the courses are certainly free, but certificates of completion of training in support are only granted in exchange for a few fees to pay.

1- Udemy

On Udemy for example, training rates are very affordable. They range from €9.99 to €109.99. There are also nearly 600 completely free training courses on various themes. The learner is also entitled to lifetime access to all training courses purchased or already taken.  

udemy offers

2- Coursera

With Coursera, you can follow your programs according to your convenience, your pace and at any time. But, if you want to benefit at the end of a certificate of completion of training to enhance the training received, you will have to pay a few dollars.  

The price of certificates on Coursera varies. Also, they cost between €49 and €99. For security and compliance reasons, payment is one-time and occurs at the end of the training. There are, however, other plans in the form of monthly subscriptions like Coursera Plus. These cost between €39 and €79 per month.  

Coursera offers

3-LinkedIn Learning

At LinkedIn Learning, the monthly or annual subscription varies depending on the plan chosen. For example, to have access to LinkedIn Learning Basic, it takes 39.66 € for the monthly subscription and 29.74 € for the annual subscription. For this price, you can access +16,000 courses taught by experts. 

LinkedIn offers

Depending on the training platform you choose, you will know better what to expect about the different costs it offers. In one of our articles, you can also discover the list of the 6 best online training platforms.

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