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VERIFICATION PAYSIKA – HOW TO OBTAIN MY NIU (Unique Identification Number) or Taxpayer number

News PaySika • 26 April 2023

Document provided by the Cameroonian taxes, you are requested to have it to make your verification at PaySika. You could then if you are verified make transactions of more than 3 000 FCFA

Step 1 :Go to

Step 2 : On the homepage of the site, click on “eRegistration”.

Step 3 : You will be directed to a page where you have to make a choice.

  • If you have already created an NIU and do not have the document, click on “I already have a tax identification number (NIU)”.
  • But if you have never created an NIU before, click on “I have not yet been registered”.

Step 4 : Obtain your NIU document or Taxpayer number

1st Case: You already have an NIU but do not have the document. Enter your NIU or a part of your name and click on “Validate”, and you will get a list of all the NIUs that belong to you.

Insert either your NIU or part of your name and validate and you will have a list of all the NIUs you own.

2nd Case : You do not have an NIU and want to obtain one

By clicking on “I have not been registered”

You will be directed to a page where you will have to provide all the requested information.

provide all the information requested

After providing the information, you just need to click on “Submit” and download the document.

After providing the information you just need to click on submit

Your NIU will be generated and you will have to upload it in the application
If in the application you are only asked for the number?
Please enter the number and send your verification.

Thanks for listening and feel free to share the article to help others to get their NIU to verify on PaySika.
Read all about verification here ” verify me “.

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