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PaySika V2.3: increase in limit , new rates… We tell you everything!

News PaySika • 18 September 2023

For the past few months, we have been trying, with our partners, to restructure and perfect the XAF cards you have known.   

To enable you to continue your online transactions and payments with complete ease, we immediately proposed the USD debit card, which created a number of discrepancies. In response to these complaints and suggestions, we have updated the application. We now offer you the improved version V2.3 of your PaySika banking application available on Play Store et App Store

Its new features will amaze you!

image of the new version

First of all, you should know that your temporary card becomes the USD bank card. Because, it is now only temporary, but has a validity of 3 years in the same way as other bank cards.

The main resolution that will revive you is that you now have the possibility to make your payments up to 1,000,000 FCFA

Many of you have used our service to make transactions of more than $1,200 on sites such as AliExpress, Amazon and others. We are pleased to announce that PaySika has increased its limit. However, you can still make online transactions of more than one million FCFA, simply contact customer service via the application chat.

Coupled with this considerable increase in the cap, there is even more breathtaking about the new pricing…

Indeed, the rates and fees offered by PaySika are not dependent on its will and moreover, most neobanks depend on traditional banks and applicable regulations. Worse still,  the exchange rate of the  dollar ($) to FCFA and the unstable banking environment in Francophone Africa are not very favorable.  

However, we have chosen to put the interests of our clients first. That’s why from now on, instead of 692 FCFA, you will pay the dollar ($) to 680 FCFA.

And that’s not all!

You now have the ease of consulting and this in real time,  the history of your transactions. Thus, you will be able to visualize the probable causes of your failures (example: if your payment is failed for “insufficient balance”). Thus, you will be able to visualize the probable causes of the failure of your transactions (example: if your payment is failed for “insufficient balance”).

Be careful!

For two (two) insufficient balance payment attempts, your card is blocked. You will have to reload it immediately because, at 5 (five) failed attempts, the card is automatically deactivated.

Also, you will have the opportunity to verify and confirm the details of your withdrawal and recharge transactions (quote, fixed fees, etc.). Thus, we ensure transparency and better visibility of all your transactions on the USD card.In addition, you are entitled to a free withdrawal, this is the very first withdrawal you will make.

Note : the details of your withdrawal transactions remain visible on the home page. 

Regarding your fixed costs, they remain unchanged for the moment. As you know, PaySika is not a bank, we set rates according to the market and our suppliers.

  • Between $1 and $5, you are charged 150 FCFA
  • Between $6 and $10, you are charged 300 FCFA
  • Between $11 and $100, you are charged 600 FCFA.
  • At more than $100, you are charged 1%.

These fees cover part of the costs related to the exchange rate VAT, etc.  

Since your satisfaction falls to us more than anything else, we struggle to stay by your side, despite inflation and the unstable banking environment in Francophone Africa.   

We will always offer you optimal features and transparent and satisfactory rates. Take advantage of  your PaySika banking app, a fast and secure way to make your usual payments online.   

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