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News PaySika • 20 September 2023

You will have noticed that your FCFA debit cards have been unusable for some time now. As the banking sector is sometimes elusive, we would like to reassure you that this situation is only temporary.

At PaySika, our main preoccupation is to satisfy our users who have placed their trust in us and decided to embark on this exciting adventure. This is why we have set up USD debit cards, so that you can continue to pay online in total security. Many have tested and approved it, …why not you?

Get your PaySika bank card here

FCFA Card Vs USD Card

So you’re wondering what the differences are between the USD virtual debit card and the FCFA debit card? Here are a few:

Your new bank card provided by a partner has a currency in dollars (USD), whereas PaySika’s own bank card is in FCFA.
The minimum top-up amount is $1 (But for the purchase of the card and the first top-up is $2) for the USD bank card. For the FCFA bank card, the minimum top-up amount is 100 FCFA.
For the USD debit card, the minimum withdrawal amount is $1, but make sure you leave at least $1 in your card for the withdrawal or payment to be successful. The PaySika FCFA debit card is linked to the PaySika account. We can therefore say that withdrawing money from the FCFA card is linked to withdrawing money from a PaySika account.
The top-up fee for the temporary USD card varies according to the amount. Also, The PaySika FCFA bank card is linked to the PaySika account. The top-up complies with the requirements for a PaySika account top-up.

However, some of the functions of your FCFA bankcards can be found on your USD bankcards:

In both cases, you can block and unblock your card yourself.
Both cards are valid for 3 years.
In both cases, your data is encrypted and cannot be hacked. But you can of course see your card details without any problem.
The new version of your PaySika application is already available on Play Store and App Store! Obtain your new card now to benefit from its new features.

And if you can’t create your temporary card, don’t hesitate to write to us directly via the application chat.

PaySika chat

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