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Current topics • 28 July 2023

With the update of your PaySika banking application, you must have noticed the multitude of advantages available to you. For your various online transactions, you will now be able to make purchases at very competitive prices.  

Already up to date with your USD debit card and wondering what the new pricing might be? You are quite right to wonder!

With  the debit PaySika card, the minimum amount of withdrawals is $ 1, but it would be better to always have at least $ 1 in his account because, for 2-3 payments with insufficient funds, your account is automatically blocked. For your refills, the fees vary according to the prices which are as follows:

  • Between $1 and $5, you are charged 150 FCFA
  • Between $6 and $10, you are charged 300 FCFA
  • Between $11 and $100, you are charged 600 FCFA
  • Above $100 , you are charged 1%

In order to benefit from the new features of your card, you must have at least 2,000 FCFA in your account (which correspond respectively to 1,000 FCFA for the creation of the temporary card and $ 1 for its prefinancing). But, if you already had an FCFA card, the temporary one is offered to you. 

If you are not yet up to date, get your debit card USD directly here.

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