Frequently Asked Questions

To get a virtual Paysika debit card from Africa, you must:

  • 1. Create a Paysika Account if you don't have any yet.
  • 2. Load your Paysika balance with local mobile money solutions. There is not a minimum top up amount and no fees for that.
  • 3. Generate unlimited virtual card free of charges(that means you don't pay for the card itself)

You can use local mobile money solutions available in your country. e.g Orange or MTN Money in Cameroon

Here is a detail list of pricing of the card in PaySika.

  • 1.Ordering a card is free. And you can order an unlimited number of card.
  • 2. For a top up amount between 0 to 4295 fcfa(7€), you pay 220 fcfa
  • 3. If the top up amount is more than 4295 fcfa, you pay a 2% that come to PaySika

No top up from your mobile money to Paysika is free of charge.

Your dfinitely can use virtual prepaid card from PaySika to pay for Facebook ads. Just need to register it on Facebook business dashboard and you're all set.

Yes, you can link the virtual credit card provided by PaySika in Africa to PayPal.

When you refer someone, you and the person you refer both get 1,000 fcfa that will be redeem directly on your account when we launch the v2 of the app. With more functionalities, more controls. We'll show you these new and exciting functionalities that will be available in the version 2 as times goes by. Also the better you are ranked, the faster, you'll receive your bonus in your main account.

We will ourself(when we launch the V2 of PaySika) transfer money from your referal balance to your PaySika main balance, where you can use it for whatever you want.