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How to create a PaySika account via its mobile Application ?

ours tutos/Start • 10 July 2022

The creation of the PaySika account can be done via :

  • the mobile application,
  • the web application and
  • the chatbot Messenger.

Mobile application

Step 1: download PlaySika mobile application:
  • Play Store, (for Android users).
  • App Store (for iOS users).

Enter the name PaySika in the search bar and click on Download. After the installation, open the application and create an account.

Step 2: create PaySika account

After installing the application, open it and you will have from the beginning, a presentation of the application as on the following screens.

PaySika- home screen

You can scroll through all four screens to get an overview of our main services.

  • You will click on register to be able to insert your information necessary for the creation of your account.
  • Choose the international code corresponding to the country.
  • Insert the number
  • Insert the email (in case you do not receive a code by sms)
Login PaySika
  • Create and confirm the password to continue the procedure.
  • Insert the sponsor code, if you have been sponsored.
  • Insert the 5-digit code after receiving it by sms or e-mail
Otp & Password

One account, one free debit card, PaySika !


Thank you for reading, bay !!

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