One account, Free debit cards

🔥 In 2 minutes from francophone Africa, create your PaySika account and get your free international bank card instantly.

🏄‍♀️ PaySika makes it easy to pay and manage your money in real time from WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram, in addition to the Mobile and Web App!
Get your free card
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africa neo-bank paysika
neo-bank paysika

The process.

How does it work ?

africa neo-bank paysika app
Download the app

Find the app on Play/App Store or interact with Sikabot on Messenger, WhatsApp or join with the web app. Choose the channel best fit for you!

africa neo-bank paysika create an acounte
Create an account

In less than 2 minutes, Create your account easily in just a minute.

africa neo-bank paysika paiement
Start paying

Get your international VISA bank card to pay anywhere online (e-commerce, games, subscriptions, Facebook, YouTube, Google ADS), receive money on your card from any online site.

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Invite friends & earn money.

Have fun sharing your referral code to sign up your friend and you will each earn 1000 fcfa bonus and at the same time, increase your ranking. The better you are ranked, the faster you will get unique rewards from us

africa neo-bank paysika bank card

Get a card instantly

You can get a free PaySika bank card from Africa, allowing you to pay online. Example: Amazon, NetFlix, Google Play, Alibaba, Trading, sports betting, etc. It also allows you to receive money via any online site.

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africa neo-bank paysika, bank card
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africa neo-bank paysika,  paiement

Get discount for your local payments.

With PaySika QR, no more money worries. You can instantly pay for your cab or an item / service in a local store, in commercial signs, ... Just scan the QR code of the person / merchant and the payment is done.
PaySika is also your tool to manage your money and your budget.


Where you get access to more !

africa neo-bank paysika, free card

PaySika virtual card is FREE. We believe that everyone deserve access to financial services.

africa neo-bank paysika, no hidden fees

With PaySika,
ZERO fees for Paysika wallet top up,
ZERO monthly fees,
ZERO failed transaction fees
No minimum balance for loading money in....

africa neo-bank paysika, real time

You can Load your wallet in real time, Get the card in real time, Get notify anytime you spend, block the card, etc.

africa neo-bank paysika, paiement online

With the coming version, you can receive payment from paypal, trading or betting platforms and many more.