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One account, one free debit card.

In 2 minutes, create your PaySika account, then, get your free and instantaneous international debit card from your bed .

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No maintenance costs.

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No failed transaction fees.

No top-up fee for the
PaySika debit card.

Instant Virtual Card

We believe that everyone deserves
access to financial services.

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Real time

Top up your PaySika debit card in real time, get your card
in real time, be notified of each expense, block
and unblock your card in real time, etc.

Receive your

You can receive payments from Paypal,
trading plateforms or online betting platforms ,
from royalties YouTube ,Facebook, Instagram,
TikTok and many more.

A free debit card in Francophone Africa

We offer two types of debit cards: the virtual and the physical. Both cards allow you to pay on any online site (Amazon, Netflix, Alibaba, Cdiscount, Trading, Sports Betting, etc.) or to be connected to platforms such as Google Play, -App Store, PayPal, etc.

Block/Unblock your card

Secure your card by blocking it.
You can unblock it later.

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Want to delete your card ? Do it with a simple click

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Limit your card

Set a limit and get notified whenever
you hit that limit

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Use our physical card anywhere
in the world

Now pay for an item or any service in a local shop with your physical bank card..

No problem, pay easily on site.
international payments at a friendly price.
Take your physical card anywhere in the world.
Withdraw money from any ATM anywhere in the world.

Your safety our priority

We protect you , so don’t be afraid to use your phone or your card for all your online and offline payments

All your data is encrypted and cannot be hacked.
We use the 3DSecure protocol to authenticate your payments..
Your money is safe and secure, stored with our regulated and market leading banking partners.
The process

How does it work?

Start paying.

Pay anywhere online (e-commerce, Facebook Ads , Youtube Ads , Google Ads, Gaming Apps), receive money on your card from anywhere.

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Find the mobile application on Play Store or App Store and the web application on any search engine. You can also interact with the PaySika bot “Sikabot” on Messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram.

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Our partners

They support us.

October 15, 2021 we announce the facilitation of our first
fundraiser of funds from investors in France, England and Nigeria