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AliExpress vs Amazon: Which is cheaper?

Current topics • 14 June 2024

In the world of e-commerce, two giants stand out: Amazon and AliExpress. These online shopping platforms are likely already part of our daily routines.

If you’ve ever compared prices on these two platforms, you may have noticed that products are often more expensive on Amazon than on AliExpress.

If you’re wondering where to make your next purchases with your XAF virtual card, we’ve created a comparison for you.

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AliExpress vs Amazon Price Differences

There’s no doubt that AliExpress offers cheaper items than Amazon.

There are many reasons for this, and we’ve simplified the list to make it easier for you:

1) The existence of third-party vendors and manufacturers

This is because the more competition there is, the better AliExpress offers affordable products.

This site contains millions of third-party sellers who usually offer the same products, so much so that they are forced to compete with each other in terms of price. Of course, as a customer, low-priced products are more attractive. At this point, the seller who offers the lowest price usually makes the highest profit.

The other reason for the very low prices on AliExpress is that third-party sellers get their products directly from manufacturers. So, it’s possible that you’re buying directly from a manufacturer if they have a store registered on AliExpress.

2) Low production costs

It’s no secret that most AliExpress items are made in China. This country is also known for its very low production costs, hence the affordable prices of the products. Employees are also entitled to a minimum wage in China, which significantly influences the reduction in the price of goods.

In addition to the low labor costs and low production costs, China also has a large number of free zones. In other words, production companies are not required to pay taxes, which allows them to offer items at low prices.

Product quality

Based on reviews from a number of consumers, it seems that AliExpress sells products that are of lower quality than the original items on Amazon. In fact, this could be the main reason why AliExpress is technically cheaper than Amazon. So if you prefer to buy products at low prices regardless of quality? You can shop safely on AliExpress with your XAF PaySika credit card.

Indeed, if you are not convinced of the originality of a product, especially if it is a luxury item, you can trust AliExpress. On this platform, you can buy items at low prices (starting at $1 or less), but don’t have too many expectations about the quality of the product.

Coupons & Promotions

When you visit the AliExpress site, the first notice is that it is saturated with promotions and coupons all over the page. When you pay for a product with your XAF bank card, for example, you benefit from a coupon and additional discounts if you are a new user.

It comes to Amazon, you will find that the coupons available are very limited. The real strength of this site, however, is that it offers original online products, at lower prices than physical stores.

Delivery Times

Delivery times are one of the biggest differences between AliExpress and Amazon. Orders on AliExpress can take from 2 to 8 weeks, or even longer, depending on the shipping method and destination. This is mainly due to international shipping from China.

Amazon, with its numerous warehouses around the world, can often deliver products within a few days, or even the same day in some regions. For buyers in a hurry, Amazon is generally the best option.

Also, AliExpress is actually cheaper than Amazon. But, they each offer the most important thing in virtual shopping: variety and customer satisfaction.

Have you ever tried to shop on one or both of these platforms with your XAF virtual card? Let us know about your experience in the comments!

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