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PaySika: the double promo of the moment

News PaySika • 7 September 2023

For the back to school, we have to think to you at Paysika… In French-speaking Africa and more precisely in Cameroon, PaySika is one of the  most popular banking applications.

Since 2020 , this start-up has been struggling, despite the very low percentage of banking services in the sub-region, to satisfy its increasingly numerous and demanding clientele.

We remember a few days ago on this side, that the exchange rate of the dollar has fallen considerably in response to the urgent demand and complacency of customers. We left from 692 to 680 FCFA the price of the dollar (to be checked), enough to sufficiently equal users looking for a bank card that is reliable, secure and at a reduced rate.

Today, the fintech is still getting a makeover on its offers by announcing not one, but two (2) fairly advantageous promotions:

  • For any recharge over $ 100 (dollars), instead of paying 1%, you will now pay 0 FCFA… you read it right, 0 FCFA.
  • For its usual customers and debited when creating their virtual card, PaySika reimburses 1,000 FCFA. However, in order to benefit from this promotion, you must first have an FCFA bank card and then have purchased a USD bank card. For new users to finally enjoy a refund of 1,000 FCFA, you must be reassured that you have created your USD card within 24 hours of creating your PaySika account.

If you are concerned by this case, do not hesitate  to fill out this form to be immediately refunded, especially version 2.3 of your application arrives with new functional.

Unlike Europe, the use of Mobile Banking in French-speaking Africa is still very low. That’s why when it comes to digital, we advise you to be wary of banking applications that offer breathtaking promotions!

At PaySika, we always focus on transparency and security for our users.

This is why, in addition to its popularity, this 100% digital and financial start-up offers relatively attractive advantages:

  • Affordable rates/fees despite unfavourable inflation and applicable regulations (to be checked)
  • Featured free articles and tips
  • A simple and convenient mobile app to use
  • Particularly useful online services
  • A secure and cost-effective means of payment.

So, a bank account in $ (dollar) and without withdrawal fees that tempts you? With PaySika, you have the USD virtual bank card you need!

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