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What is a mobile banking app?  

Banking world • 3 April 2024

Thanks to the advancement of technology, virtual banks have taken over traditional physical banks.  The particularity of these banks is that they also allow  you to make online and international payments from the comfort of your sofa.  

Certainly, mobile banking apps make your life easier. However, it must be recognized that in order to take advantage of it, it is essential to understand how a mobile banking application works.  

Throughout the article, we will take the example of the PaySika banking app to better illustrate the explanations.  

Técharger PaySika
1 . What is a mobile banking app? 

A mobile banking app is just like any smartphone app. It can be downloaded from an app platform.  

The difference between a bank’s mobile app and others is that it allows you to log in to your bank

On the other hand, if your goal is simply to carry out your transactions online without necessarily being attached to a bank, you can opt for mobile banking.  

This option allows you to order, buy, pay and enjoy all your products on your  favorite merchant sites (Facebook, Netflix, Google, Alibaba, Amazon, etc.) 

Download the PaySika banking app  

2. How do mobile apps work? 

Mobile apps generally work in the same way as  traditional online banking  websites. The only difference between the website and the app is that in order to access the site, you must first enter the address of the site. Next, your username and password to have dashboard access. 

Unlike the app, you need  to download it from an app store. Then, you need to proceed with its installation before signing up for it. Once the installation and registration are complete, you can access your account to benefit from all the services and benefits your bank offers. 

In Cameroon and French-speaking Africa in general, the concept of mobile banking is not widely understood. However, mobile banking applications such as PaySika are working to improve the low rate of banking access.  

You can sign up for it easily, filling in all the required information. In addition, this banking app makes it easy for you to create an UIN  (Unique Identifier Number) and offers you some pretty interesting features, not to mention that getting the XAF bank card is FREE.  

Tutorial: how to download and sign up for the PaySika mobile banking app?  

3. What services are offered via mobile banking apps? 

Whether physical or online, banks offer several features via their mobile apps. Among other uses, a mobile app can allow you to: 

  • Open an account in just a few minutes, 
  • Check your account balance in real time, 
  • Make a payment or purchase of goods and services on the internet, 
  • Subscribe to a product or service, 
  • Make a transfer from account to account or to another credit card, 
  • Manage  your account
  • Change or simply check your  credit card limit, 
  • Customize the interface to make it easier for you to find your way around, 
  • Block and unblock your card or account. 
The benefits of a mobile banking app are countless.  

In addition to making it easier for you to do business without going through customer advisors, you have the option of paying for items and services online from home. 

It is also clear that this new concept of a banking application is a commendable innovation. 

Although they have some limitations such as the absence of physical advice and cash withdrawals, some neobanks are campaigning to restore the image of finance in Africa.  

Do you want to do business on Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, … Do you want to stream on Netflix, listen to music, follow live concerts on Amazon Prime, meet people on Meetic, escape with your selection of online games? You don’t even suspect all the benefits that await you and are coming with your PayIka banking app. What are you waiting for? Go to the !! blinds  

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