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PaySika is recruiting : Senior Python Developer

recruitment • 27 April 2023

Job Title: Senior Python Developer  

Job Description:  

  • As part of the tech product development squad and under the direction of the team lead, you will participate in the development of PaySika and the entire tech ecosystem that revolves around it: backend, BackOffice.  
  • The ideal candidate should have solid experience in Python and backend development, as well as knowledge of AWS services and deployment tools such as Kubernetes and Traefik but also have experience in Visa/MasterCard payment system usage and integration.  


  • Design, develop and maintain the company’s backend infrastructure using the above technologies.  
  • Work closely with other members of the development team to ensure seamless integration of the backend infrastructure with other system components.  
  • Write clear and concise technical documents to document the backend infrastructure.  
  • Work as a team to solve problems and achieve business goals.  
  • Communicate effectively with other team members and stakeholders to ensure a clear understanding of requirements and objectives.  
  • Drive our systems to their highest levels of performance and scalability, unavoidable at our scale.  
  • You will develop the API, the core of our system, as well as the various services that revolve around it.  
  • Follow the life and rituals of our team: standups, demos, retrospectives, etc.  


  • 2+ years of Python and backend development experience.  
  • Knowledge of AWS services and deployment tools such as Kubernetes and Traefik.  
  • Experience with Fast API and Visa is desirable.  
  • Ability to work in a team environment and communicate effectively with other team members and stakeholders.  
  • Ability to write clear and concise technical documents.  
  • Ability to work independently and proactively problem solve.  
  • Experience in the use and integration of payment systems  
  • Experience with VISA/MASTERCARD payment systems is a plus  
  • Technical knowledge of payment software and systems in terms of architecture and infrastructure.  
  • You can learn most technologies as you go. For you, technologies are tools and trade-offs, not an ideology.  
  • You have experience with backend and infrastructure  
  • Knowledge of written and/or spoken English is a huge plus 

Our stack:  

  • Main system: API in Fast API, PostgreSQL database, React and 1 Flutter app.  
  • GitLab, GitOps, Sentry, Jest, Pytest , Appium, Elasticsearch + RabbitMQ , weekly deployments  
  • Infra in migration to Terraform, deployed on a Kubernetes cluster on AWS  
  • Kubernetes + Docker + portainer for Ops  

How to apply ?  

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV with Subject : Senior Python Developer to  

About PaySika:  

PaySika is a fintech that develops a set of banking solutions for French-speaking African countries starting with Central Africa, where more than 80% of the population has no access to banking services but uses mobile money services for their daily transactions. Thanks to a very friendly and multicultural team (six nationalities), we share the common goal of becoming the first super financial application in Central Africa. With a very user-friendly environment, our specificity is our ability to innovate very quickly and to make ergonomic tools to meet the needs of our customers and to scale up quickly. 

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