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CONTEST – Challenge I use the USD PaySika card

News PaySika • 12 October 2023

This end of the year, it’s SASSAYEEEE at PaySika!

Have you ever made a payment on a merchant site using your USD virtual card ? What were your impressions?

Send us your testimonial (  in the form of video, audio,  or  a recent text capture left on Play Store or App Store) and the names of your social networks via the in-app chat. If you’re making a video, make sure your PaySika card appears.

In the content you send us, you must make sure that:

  • Tell us how you found out about PaySika and talk about your experience with the USD card;
  • Mention the site used for your payment;
  • Indicate how much you often make for your payments.

Like any challenge, the one we organize has strict rules and conditions.

It is important to know that the game will take place in 2 (two) phases:

1) We will publish the different testimonials on our pages (Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter)

  • Candidates will then have to invite their friends to like the page/like and share the post that corresponds to them. Also, the candidate who plays on our different platforms will of course have the advantage, as this will be counted.

This last phase will count for 50% during the deliberation. The person who has the most interactions will have 50% gain.

The other 50% will be counted for the various posts you make on your various social networks.

In order to be eligible, make sure to:

  • Mention the site used for your payment;
  • Indicate the amount of the payment;
  •  Invite friends to like and share the post;
  • Use the hashtag #J’usecardUSDPaySika;
  • Tag page @PaySika.

PS: The contestant who plays on multiple platforms will of course have the advantage, as this will be counted.

We will reward the 2 (two) deserving winners based on the results obtained:

  • The 1st will benefit from 30,000 FCFA / or 3 to 4 Months of Netflix subscription
  • The 2nd will receive 10,000 FCFA or a week of sponsorship on Facebook

Finally, the CHALLENGE will take place for 3 weeks. The first people to send their testimonials will see them posted in the first position.

Good to know : please note that by agreeing to participate in this competition, you consent to the use of your image by PaySika for commercial purposes.

With PaySika, you can now put the time spent on your merchant sites to good use! On your marks…

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