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The 10 digital professions that recruit the most

News PaySika • 31 October 2023

The digital transformation that has been taking place for more than twenty years has not only changed the way we live. It is also the entire world of work that has been reinvented by the democratization of the Internet. 

The digital sector is one of the sectors that has undergone the most evolution and innovation in recent years. Retraining in this field is therefore almost certain to land a job after an adapted learning path. 

Are you a recent graduate looking for experience or are you thinking about your career path ? Digital technology is recruiting and will continue to hire at a rapid pace in the years to come, as it concentrates a large part of tomorrow’s jobs.  

Discover our selection of the 10 digital professions that recruit the most! 

 1- Web Designer 

Do you have a good digital and marketing culture? Are you empathetic and attentive? Why not pursue a career in web design?   

The web designer navigates between the world of computer science and graphic design to conceive the graphic design of a mobile application or a website.  

His software of choice is Photoshop, illustatrator or InDesign. However, for many web designers, access to this software is difficult, especially in Cameroon where the rate of banking access is very low. Fortunately, the USD virtual bank card solves this problem. 

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The web designer works in collaboration with graphic designers, computer graphics designers, UX designers, but also web developers whose role is to translate all these graphic elements into lines of code.  

2- Web Developer 

If rigour, resourcefulness and creativity are part of your vocabulary, then you have the key to being able to evolve in this profession.  

The web developer uses web languages (HTML and CSS, PHP, JavaScript) to create websites from the mock-ups developed by a web designer or graphic designer.  

Depending on the latter’s position, they can only work on the part of the website visible to the user (front-end developer). It can also take care of the hidden part on which the site’s database is located (back-end developer). It is also possible for a developer to manage both facets well at the same time (full-stack developer). 

The training courses leading to the profession of web developer or integrator are varied and diverse. For those who are in a hurry and motivated, it is possible to follow intensive online training courses in order to acquire all the fundamentals of web development in a few months. Would you like to pay for your web development training with your PayIka credit card?  

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3- SEO Manager  

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) manager’s mission is to improve the visibility of a website on search engines. To do this, you will be called upon to regularly carry out an audit of the site for which you will be responsible. 

Thanks to his excellent knowledge of search engine algorithms, the manager in charge of SEO has a better vision on the SEO optimization to be put in place to gain notoriety.  

In particular, they will have to focus their efforts on three levers: technique (the site’s code), content (web writing) and popularity (the quantity and quality of external links pointing to a web page). 

SEO training is starting to become more widespread. They are usually provided by digital agencies, digital marketing schools or SEO experts. 

4- Consultant SEA  

The SEA consultant, or paid search consultant, pursues the same goal as the SEO. However, he uses other means to achieve this: buying keywords on search engines.  

With an allocated budget, they buy advertising space so that the keywords they have chosen can appear at the top of the search results. Like an SEO manager, the SEA manager focuses his efforts on Google, which centralizes more than 92% of traffic

5- Data Scientist 

Voted  “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” in 2012 by  the Harvard Business Review, the Data Scientist  profession still seems to be as popular as ever with recruiters. The result of this study still seems to be true today, given the number of vacancies to be filled on job search sites. 

The Data Scientist is therefore responsible for sorting, manipulating and analyzing the data retrieved or stored by companies (Big Data) in order to help them in their decision-making. His expertise is sought after in many fields of activity such as finance, marketing or health.  

If this profile shines by his knowledge (in mathematics, computer programming, statistics, English), he must also be a good communicator capable of presenting the results of his research with precision, pedagogy and clarity. 

The training areas to focus on to be a good Data Scientist are IT, Marketing, Statistics, and Big Data. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to see some courses include these different branches in their curriculum. 

6- Community manager 

The community manager is responsible for representing an organization or brand on social networks. Are you a good communicator and want to put your talent to good use? This job is for you!  

As a community manager, your task will be to publish attractive content on a daily basis in order to generate engagement. In other words, you will have to answer questions from Internet users, moderate comments while ensuring the e-reputation of the company for which you will be officiating.  

A good community manager must also and above all analyze the results of his actions (engagement, number of interactions and subscribers, etc.). 

In companies, this profile is commonly presented as the Swiss Army knife, because of the wide range of skills it is given: web referencing, copywriting, graphic design, photo editing and video editing.  

At a time when information is passing by at high speed, the community manager must be particularly reactive and constantly on the lookout. Likewise, he must easily put himself in the user’s shoes and be courteous and empathetic in all circumstances.  

On sites such as Udemy, you will find a wide range of courses to acquire more skills online. In  this tutorial, we show you how to buy your courses on this site using the USD virtual card

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7- Cybersecurity Expert 

Although the digital sector has experienced a very increased expansion in recent years, it is nevertheless true that it is weakened by computer attacks. Many companies that fall victim to cyber attacks are forced to pay a ransom to the hackers, resulting in significant losses. 

To strengthen the protection of their data, organizations call on the know-how of digital security experts. If you’re more altruistic and passionate about computers, you’ll be in for a long time in this business. 

The cybersecurity expert conducts audits, ensures data protection by installing the necessary antiviruses and updates. It also makes its employees aware of the main IT risks and anticipates any risk of intrusion. 

8- E-commerce Manager 

Are you a good talker and quite strategic in Internet sales? This might be of interest to you.  

As  an e-commerce manager, you will have the main task of increasing traffic and boosting sales of an online store. Thus, you will decide on the main web marketing levers to activate according to the allocated budget and the estimated return on investment (advertising on social networks, SEO, SEA, Newsletters, etc.) 

With his eyes constantly dreaming about the numbers, the e-commerce manager analyzes the results of his performance and tries to find solutions to improve his sales. 

With more than 177,000 e-commerce sites, you understand that recruitment prospects are abundant if you want to become a professional in the online sales sector.  

9- Web Writer 

The web writer is responsible for writing content for websites (showcase sites, blog articles, product sheets, etc.). However, some choose to specialize in a specific theme. However, most of them have to deal with a wide variety of subjects. 

Is your profile more literary than scientific and your writing skills are often praised? You’ll make a great web copywriter! The advantage of this profession is that it is open to candidates for retraining and even to those who adopt it as a supplement to their income.  

Training courses in web writing have begun to flourish over the years, with the creation of multiple websites. These are often courses that combine theory and practice, although a number of web writers have taught themselves the trade.  

10- CRM Manager 

The CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is in charge of customer relations in the digital age. The term CRM also refers to the management software with which the customer can manage and optimize the customer relationship. This same tool makes it possible to centralize the data of the different customers within a single platform, which facilitates the analysis and management of its activity. 

The CRM Manager is therefore in charge of training the users of the software. Among other things, he tracks the most important KPIs and identifies possible areas for improvement to contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is therefore a profession with extensive responsibilities that requires marketing, technical and commercial skills at the same time.  

Also, if you’re considering a career in digital, don’t lose sight of these few things you need to succeed. It is 10 digital professions that recruit the most are now in high demand. With the right skills and focus, you will easily find the right position for you on the job market. 

If one of them appeals to you, whether for a first job or for a retraining, don’t forget that by default to joining the major training schools, it is also possible for you  to pay for your online training or to buy adapted tools. To do this, we recommend that you use the USD bank card for all your virtual payments.  

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