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How to boost a Facebook post to increase your sales in Cameroon

News PaySika • 10 January 2024

A boost  of a post is a common form of Facebook advertising. Boosting  a post is like promoting a post. In general, a boosted post is usually associated with a photo or video. It is therefore not developed as a real advertisement because it has limits. The goal of this approach is to increase interaction with the page. It also makes it possible in a way to increase brand awareness

It is quite possible to add a payment method to your Facebook account/page. If we take  the example of the PaySika bank card, you can, for example, not only add it, but also manage it easily from the payment settings of the advertising manager. Moreover we show you in this  tutorial (tutorial link) the procedure to follow.

In this type of publication, the goal is above all to interact with the community.

Basically, boosting a publication encompasses 4 segments:

  • Sponsor a post you’ve posted on your Facebook page or Instagram Business account
  • Publish via the Ads Area of your Facebook page or Instagram Business account
  • Only 3 advertising placements are possible
  • The results are less targeted and efficient.

A boost is easy to set up, since a post boosts directly on your Facebook page. Here’s how:

  • Choose the message you want to boost within your page and click the “Boost Post” call-to-action button below your post at the bottom right. From then on, a window will open so that you can create your ad
  • Specify your audience or define a specific target by choosing their age, gender, place of residence and interest.
  • Enter your budget and the duration of your boost, then press “Booster”.

Nevertheless, whatever your budget, you must opt for an optimal payment method. Have you ever heard of the PaySika bank card ? Otherwise, it’s time to discover a more secure and cheaper alternative to make all your payments on Facebook.

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