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Innovation: Bank deposits and cash deposits make their debut at PaySika

News PaySika • 3 January 2024

Who hasn’t dreamed of a more technical, fast, easy and affordable banking formula?

Indeed, the financial solutions offered by mobile banking are perfectly suited to the African population in general and Cameroonian populations in particular. Unbanked, they use their mobile phones to carry out their day-to-day financial transactions.

It is with a view to meeting this need that  the neobank PaySika has taken up the challenge of integrating new formulas such as bank deposits and cash deposits into its application  . Want to know more?

How does bank deposit work at PaySika?

If you are a former user of  the PaySika app, you certainly know that the main service offered was online payments. Except that, with the pressure of many customers and the arrival of the  new Version 3.0.0, new functions come into play.

  So bank deposit is one of those new features. Commonly known as “Bank deposit”, this feature allows the user to simply deposit money from  their PaySika account via their traditional mobile banking application. These traditional mobile applications include BICEC, BGFI, UBA, AFRILAND and ECOBANK.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable, easy, flexible and transparent way to manage your regular financial transactions, you’ve come to the right place.

How does it work? When you make your transaction, you simply download the receipt from the traditional mobile banking app and send it back to your PaySika app. Once the receipt has been reviewed and your account is updated, you will receive a notification and the amount of your transaction will be immediately updated in your PaySika account.  

How does depositing cash at PaySika work ?

Whether it’s to control spending, keep payments confidential or simplify financial use, cash deposits  are an asset. If you prefer, for security reasons or some other reason, to go to a bank branch before depositing cash directly, PaySika has also thought of you!

How does it work? After your cash deposit, the (physical) bank will issue you a receipt that you will need to film and send to your PaySika app. Once all the information has been verified and certified, your account will be automatically credited with the deposited amount.  

With PaySika, you’ll never be at the end of your surprises! Download the PaySika app now, and discover a new way to manage your finances in a snap!

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