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News PaySika • 5 October 2023

Going abroad to continue your studies is a hotbed of opportunities for most young African graduates, but this adventure is relatively expensive. Between tuition fees, accommodation, daily life, … So many things make this dream unattainable for many ambitious students.

However, as every year, many institutions, universities, companies and international foundations submit to African students (Cameroon, Gabon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Guinea, etc.) a significant number of financial aid in the form of scholarships.

Generally, these scholarships cover some or all of the costs. However, for some scholarships such as the MANDELA RHODES Scholarship, you may also be asked to pay an application fee. When a Cameroonian student, for example, is faced with this type of situation, his best alternative is to make his payment directly via his Paysika bank card, without getting out of bed.

Scholarships may be available in several specialties (management, engineering and technology, natural sciences, computer science, arts and humanities, finance, business, architecture, etc.) and at several levels of study (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate).


The France is recognized for the quality of its higher education. Moreover, it is the first French-speaking destination in the world for international students.

In France, foreign students benefit not only from a variety of training offers, but also from a quality of supervision and developed infrastructure. If France is the dream destination to continue your studies, we offer you a non-exhaustive list of the best and new scholarships.

  1. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program

In France, this program is counted among the popular scholarships in France. It is open every year, during the least of November and closed in January. Its duration is 36 months, and it is awarded solely on the basis of demonstrated academic merit.

It is a scholarship that aims to support 126 talented African students throughout their studies. It is available in November, and lasts three years for the bachelor’s degree and two years for the master’s degree.

This is a new program of the University of Paris that aims to welcome 120 international students in the different Masters. It is usually open in April of each month.

They are intended for students who wish to enroll in one of the Master’s programs “Mathematics and Applications” supported by FMJH member institutions. They are open every October.

They offer a variable number of scholarships depending on the year. Every October, the stock exchanges are open and in February, it is the annual close.

They open every February and end in April. The number of scholarship holders varies, and the amount of the scholarship is valued at €10,000/year.

They offer 18 scholarships each year. April marks the opening date and June marks the closing date.

The number of scholarships offered here varies, and it is possible to apply each month from March until May.

They are available every March and end in May. A total of 8 scholarships are awarded per year.

  1. Sorbonne University Scholarships

The institution awards 21 scholarships each year and they are available from January to March.

  1. University of Paris Scholarships

They offer 10 scholarships to international students each year. From February to March, it is possible to apply.

  1. MISTRAL Scholarships

They are offered by the University of Avignon, and 7 scholarships are made available on January of each year.

  1. HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarships

These open in February and are closed in June. However, the number of scholarships offered varies.

  1. EUR GENE Scholarships

They are offered by the University of Paris every year (December-March). The number of scholarships differs depending on the year.

  1. Labex Scholarships

They are under the aegis of several French universities, and the number of scholarships varies. Nevertheless, it is possible to apply every year, in the period December-March.

  1. Institut Pasteur Research Grants

They offer a variable number of scholarships each year because several universities are the offering organizations. They are available in February and closed in May of each year.

Find out more about each of these free scholarships  in France as well as news in our upcoming outings on Campus France.


Belgium offers a plethora of training courses and allows students, whether Belgian or foreign, the choice to attend the institution they want.

By benefiting from  a scholarship in Belgium, you opt for quality teaching, a varied choice of courses and the opportunity to study in reputable schools.

First, here are some popular scholarships in Belgium for African students:

  1. ARES Scholarships

Open for now until the end of January. Several scholarships are available for ARES member students (Cameroon, Burundi, Madagascar, Benin, Rwanda, etc.)

  1. Global Minds Scholarships

Open since last April and closed for now. Each year, more than 30 scholarships are awarded.

  1. Scholarships Université Libre de Bruxelles

Available until February of each year. More than 21 scholarships are offered.

Then, find the list of the best scholarships in Belgium 2023-2024 for African students.

Available in August and closed in December each year. The number of scholarships varies relatively each year.

Accessible in December and closed in March of each year. A total of 10 scholarships are available, and the amount is around at least CHF 30,000.

Open in February and closed in April each year.

Accessible in August and closed in November each year. 10 scholarships are offered, and scholarship fees are covered each month.

Offered by the University of Lausanne and available every August-November. Per year, the number of scholarships available is 10.

Offered by the University of Basel. It offers 10 scholarships each year and its official opening is scheduled from August to November each year.

Available every month from January to April. A total of 90 scholarships are offered.

Open in March and closed in June. The number of scholarships offered varies each year.

Accessible in July and closed in November of each year. The scholarships offered by the University of St. Gallen vary.

Available every December and closed every March, the number of scholarships varies.


Switzerland can boast of being among  the top 10 countries in  the world in terms of quality of higher education. The experience offered to students is unique and based on a singular pedagogy, based on autonomy and independence, combined with high-tech equipment.

As a promoter of inclusion and global participation, studying in Switzerland is an ideal choice for international students. In general, 3 fields attract graduates from all over the world: business, engineering and hospitality.

Here are 12 scholarships to study in Switzerland available in 2023-2024 for African students.

Offered by the Swiss Government, and available in varying numbers each year. The annual opening date is scheduled for August and closing is set for December.

Open in December and closed in March. The number of scholarships is 10 (per year), and the amount of the scholarship is around CHF 30,000.

Accessible in February until February, the official closing date. Available scholarships range up to 48, and tuition fees are 100% covered.

Offer a variable number of scholarships depending on the year. Each month of October marks the opening and the closure is scheduled for December.

Open in August and closed in November each year. 10 foreign fellows have the opportunity each year to seize this opportunity.

Offered by the University of Lausanne, 10 scholarships are awarded from August to November each year.

Also available from August to November. 10 scholarships are offered, and the amount of the scholarship remains variable.

Open from January to April. Each year, 90 students have the chance to be selected for this scholarship, which amounts to CHF 4,000.

A variable number of scholarships are available. They are available every year from March to June.

Offered by the University of St. Gallen every year, from July to November, marking the closing date. The number of scholarships varies, as well as the amount of the scholarship.

Available in December until March. The number of scholarships varies, and the amount of the scholarship is set at CHF 15,000.


You are probably wondering why study in Canada as an international student? When you receive  a scholarship to study in Canada, you have a wide range of options and even the opportunity to stay in this country after graduation.

Degrees from Canada’s colleges and universities  are recognized around the world. In addition, if you wish to continue your studies after the scholarship, registration and tuition fees are among the lowest in English-speaking countries. Paying your registration fees at a Canadian University from Cameroon is easy thanks to the PaySika bank card.

Here is a selection of the 12 popular scholarships in Canada, each presenting the scholarship amounts, opening and closing dates, and the number of places available this year.

Offered by the Université de Montréal at a variable number each year. The amount of the scholarship is valued up to $ 10,000 CAD, and it is possible to apply from July to September.

Offered by McGill University. In total, 78 scholarships awarded to foreign students, crowned with an amount of $ 2,000 CAD. Registration is open in July and closed in September each year.

Open from July to November each year. 4 scholarships are available, and approximately $5,000 CAD covers the scholarship fee.

Open from April to June of each year, according to a number that varies.

Offering a variable number of scholarships each year. From October to December, it is possible to apply, hoping to benefit from an amount of $ 15,000 CAD covering the scholarship fees.

Available from October to March of each year. The number of scholarships varies, as well as the amount of the scholarship.

From January to April, registration is open, but the number of scholarships varies.

Open from October to September each year. The number of scholarship recipients varies, and the amount of the scholarship is up to $17,500 CAD.

(image from this scholarship) 

Offered by the University of British Columbia for $25,000 CAD. The opening date is set in October and ends in December.

Awarded by several universities to a variable number of scholarship holders. December marks the opening date and March marks the official closing date.

The total scholarships vary, and up to 100% of the tuition fees are covered by the offering organization. The opening date is scheduled for December.

Available from December until March of each year. $10,000 CAD represents the amount of scholarships awarded to a variable number of foreign students.


The United States is a destination that makes more than one dream! Studying in Canada actually has countless benefits. Not only do you have the opportunity to become bilingual, but also the opportunity to give your CV a big boost.

The United States is considered the country with  the best education system in the world, which offers students an extensive international network.

The United States is known for its culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Many global technology companies are headquartered in the United States, providing an environment for international students to innovate, creative, and engage in entrepreneurship.

Find listed, with the opening and closing dates as well as the scholarship amounts, the 27 best scholarships in Canada 2023-2024.


Apart from well-known and popular destinations such as Canada, France, the United States or Belgium, other countries such as Turkey, Germany, etc. also open their doors to students from Africa.

  • England



  1. Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships (July-September)
  2. DAAD Scholarships (July-September)
  3. Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships (July-November)
  4. University of Bremen Scholarships (July-October)
  5. United Nations University Scholarships (August-December)
  6. HTW Berlin Scholarships (July-September)
  7. Ruhr University Bochum Scholarships (July-December)
  8. University of Leipzig Scholarships (July-October)
  9. ESMT Berlin Scholarships (February-April)
  10. University of Stuttgart scholarships (December-March).

This article presents a non-exhaustive list of free study abroad scholarships. Most of these scholarships are already open, and more will be open in the coming months, giving you time to prepare.

If, despite everything, you are unable to find a scholarship that suits your vision or you are not finally admitted to a scholarship, it is still possible for you to go through the traditional formalities to study abroad.

Whether it is to pay for your enrolment in an International University, buy your e-visa or open your student account to facilitate the management of your money online, the PaySika virtual bank card offers Cameroonian students and graduates a reliable and unique experience.

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