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International Women’s Day: 5 digital activities to manage with the PaySika bank card

Current topics • 6 March 2024

Woman entrepreneur, woman business creator, woman entrepreneur, female entrepreneurship, … Regardless of how you call it, only 30% of women are entrepreneurs.  

Yet, from a woman to a businesswoman, the Rubicon is not impossible to cross. It takes a dose of commitment and willpower, a pinch of perseverance and a dash of confidence. On March 8 in Cameroon, International Women‘s Day, we pay a vibrant tribute to bold and ambitious women.  

Because PaySika attaches this special attraction to the female “Mother of the Nation”, we participate and help women who think about “independence” and “autonomy” in our own way. 

If you haven’t thought about it yet, here is a short list of activities you can undertake as a woman with your PaySika bank card:  

Shop online 

Are you a fashion fan and always up to date with the latest trends? Are you missing anything new? But, why not take advantage of this advantage?  

Are you convincing and comfortable with the IT tool? It’s just in time! There are several activities you can do with the XAF eCard that you might be interested in: 

  1. Buy items in bulk from Alibaba, AliExpress, SHEIN, or Amazon 

Did you know that most merchants make online payments on major international merchant sites such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, and resell items in-store and on social media? Yes!! In addition, the profit is not less because the products are sold almost at low prices on these foreign sites. 

Whether it’s trendy women’s/men’s clothing, up-to-date shoes, fashionable handbags, etc… It is possible to buy in bulk and resell it while making a profit.  

  1. Pay for the subscription on its entertaining platforms 

On Netflix/Disney, Spotify or Amazon Prime Video, there’s no shortage of on-demand entertainment! 

Why not take advantage of this day to spend a movie night with your family? If it’s an interesting idea, order your PaySika bank card now and treat yourself!! 

  1. Buy online courses, books, certifications on Udemy, Openclassroom, Coursera, and many other online sites

Did you know? There are a plethora of training available on Google depending on your projects. Here is a list of sites that offer the best training and even online certifications. 

The only constraint to follow your training without hassle is that you will need a credit card. So don’t hesitate, if you are tempted by a particular training, download the PaySika app, get your card and buy all the training you need. 

 Sell online 

You’ve bought, but you’re wondering how to sell easily and quickly? At PaySika, we have a solution !! 

  1. Get your free Paysika credit card and easily organize your Ads campaigns or simply boost your pages and publications. How to do it? Check out this article

 Integrating digital professions 

Are you a woman with energy, courage, optimism and a touch of recklessness? We’ve got the idea for you! 

  1. Pay for subscriptions for your software 

It is common today to see women web developers, designers, community managers, … Why not you? With PaySika’s virtual bank card, you have the possibility to manage all your subscriptions, pay for domain names, organize your customers’ campaigns, etc. In addition to this, you can purchase all your training courses as explained above.    

If you are passionate about digital jobs and want to know more, here is a list of 10 digital jobs that might interest you! 

What if together, we broke the code! What if we no longer made International Women’s Day a simple PR stunt, but a day that sounds like a reminder?  On this appeal, we wish “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, and pay tribute to all those, known or totally unknown, who through their actions or their words advance the cause of women in the world.  

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