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Current topics • 28 June 2024

Embarking on entrepreneurship is an exciting adventure but sometimes fraught with challenges. Fortunately, many books can guide and inspire you throughout your journey. Here are the top 5 recommended books for starting entrepreneurship in 2024, along with tips on how to buy them with your PaySika virtual bank card:

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert KIYOSAKI

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert KIYOSAKI is considered an essential book for those who want to start entrepreneurship or investing. It presents two opposing financial perspectives embodied by the “poor dad” and the “rich dad.” It details how to develop an effective financial strategy to achieve financial independence. The main themes of this book include:

  • value of financial education
  • Like the hedifference between an asset and a liability
  • The importance of financial independence
  • see the importance of taking calculated risks
  • Know the usefulness of financial intelligence

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2. The Art of the Start – Guy KAWASAKI

The Art of the Start by GUY KAWASAKI is a book that helps entrepreneurs and innovators start and grow their businesses successfully. This practical manual is filled with recommendations and strategies drawn from Guy Kawasaki’s experience. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist. It provides you with the necessary tools to develop a strong idea, create a solid business plan, gather necessary resources, market your product or service, manage your business daily, make effective decisions, manage finances, and overcome obstacles.

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3. Start with Why – Simon SINEK

Start with Why by Simon SINEK is a crucial book for entrepreneurs who want to go beyond the questions of “what” and “how” to focus on the “why.”

This pioneering work argues that the foundation of a company, its “why” (its vision and reason for being), is the essential element that inspires employees, attracts and retains customers, and propels the company’s development.

He helps entrepreneurs understand their “why.” What drives you to start your business? What impact do you want to have on the world? Finding your “why” gives you a clear direction and inspires you to persevere through challenges. It also allows you to build a strong company culture and helps attract and retain customers. So what are you waiting for to buy this superb book? To do so, click on the following link: But first, we suggest you create your free PaySika virtual card here (link).

4. The Lean Startup – Eric RIES

The Lean Startup by Eric RIES revolutionizes startup development strategy by advocating the creation of a minimum viable product (MVP). This concept is based on the idea of launching a product with essential features to attract early users and then gradually improving it based on their feedback. This method aims to optimize resources by focusing only on the aspects of the product that customers favor. The book emphasizes the importance of building a minimum viable product, the role of experimentation, the role of “Lean Startup” in continuous innovation, etc. With the PaySika Visa card , you can easily purchase it on Amazon.

5. Zero to One – Peter THIEL

Zero to One by Peter THIEL is an essential read that examines the genesis of disruptive and avant-garde companies. It challenges the trend of imitation prevalent in the startup ecosystem, urging entrepreneurs to create distinctive entities that introduce unprecedented innovations to the world. This book discusses, among other things, the difference between “zero to one” and “one to n,” the importance of having a unique and original vision for a company, the role of technology in creating “zero to one,” and the importance of building monopolies.

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Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, researcher, etc., these books are for you. Whether it’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” “Zero to One,” or “The Lean Startup,” through “Start with Why” and “The Art of the Start,” you’ll find yourself immersed in the intricacies of the business world with its ups and downs, all with rich lessons for an entrepreneur who wants to succeed.

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