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PROMOTE 2024: PaySika follows in its footsteps!

News PaySika • 1 March 2024

Clap de fin pour la 9ème édition du PROMOTE 2024, après 9 jours intenses où le salon a battu une fois de plus des records… 

Baptisé sous le thème « Secteur privé, évolution et transformation structurelle de nos économies », l’événement a accueilli des entreprises camerounaises, d’Afrique et du monde (plus de 30 pays de 5 continents) qui exposent et valorisent leur savoir-faire. 

If you were there, you’ll be aware that PaySika has once again created a following.

That’s right! We’re not just staying virtual. We actually set up a stand on the site to educate, raise awareness and inform our visitors.

Exceeding our expectations, many of you turned up to show your interest in our exhibition, and we were also honoured by the presence of his Excellency Mr Luc Paul MOTAZE.

For you, we deployed a 100% dedicated customer service on site. This modern and functional service gave visitors access to all the services offered by the PaySika application. A range of innovative features for virtual bank cards were also on display, including remote payment services, top-ups by mobile money/bank transfer and much more…

It was to implement this, of course, that we handed out flyers to visitors. However, we have explained to them how to proceed. You can contact us via the chat in the app if you have any concerns.

Because we were particularly “pleased to satisfy you”, we’ll see you very soon for our next runs.

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