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News PaySika • 3 January 2024

Did you think you were at the end of your surprises with PaySika? No!!! Once again, the startup is modernizing its mobile app. The update is already available on Play  Store and App Store.

A more powerful system, a more wow user interface, an even more intuitive and easy-to-use application… Let’s explore these new features that will leave you speechless.

1.    Simpler and more convenient connection system

In the new PaySika login system, no constraints are required for special characters (@, !, %, etc.). In addition, the number of characters is left from 8 to 6 only.

If you are a previous user, you will need to change your password to comply with the current version.

Verifying your phone number and receiving the OTP code is now instantaneous.

2.    Returning Xaf Cards

Apart from a few small improvements, the Xaf cards are back and they are still as good as the previous ones. As before, you are entitled to simple payments and transparency of all your transactions.

The first Xaf card is always free for all VERIFIED users. However, there is a charge for obtaining the second card, up to 655 FCFA.

The top-up, withdrawal, and transaction fees are similar to those of the USD card. 

You also have the option to delete, deactivate and reactivate the card via the mobile interface.

The transaction limits for your Xaf card are as follows:

Maximum throughput in 24 hours:1,000,000.00
Maximum Card Balance:1,000,000.00
Maximum card load amount per transaction500,000.00
Maximum card load amount per 24 hours:1,000,000.00 
Maximum card load amount per 30 days:1,000,000.00 
Maximum card load amount per quarter:3,000,000.00
The transaction limits for your Xaf card

3.    Bank Deposits Now Possible

This new feature will allow you  to deposit money from your PaySika account through your traditional mobile banking app. These applications include BICEC, BGFI, UBA, AFRILAND and ECOBANK.

Are you looking for an easy way to transfer funds and manage your finances without taking your foot off the gas? Why not make a  bank deposit?

How does it work? When you make your transaction, you simply download the receipt from the traditional mobile banking app and send it back to the app. Once the receipt has been reviewed and your account is updated, you will receive a notification and the amount of your transaction will be immediately updated in your PaySika account.

4.    Cash Depots Also Operational

Because we think of everyone, we do our best to satisfy each and every one of you! Are you more of a cash deposit? So, it is now possible to go to a bank branch and deposit cash directly into your PaySika account.

How does it work? After your deposit, the bank will issue you a receipt that you will need to film and send to your PaySika app. Once all the information has been verified and certified, your account will be automatically credited with the deposited amount.

5.    Improved KYC system

You’ll appreciate PaySika’s new KYC system, as it’s more user-friendly. First of all, you will be able to resume your verification process where you left off, no need to start from scratch in case of missing elements! But, be sure to wrap up a section when you start it.

The KYC process is now comprehensive, with the involvement of additional (income range, region, profession) and important (location plan) personal information.

If you are submitting your KYC for the first time, your status will now change from ‘Unverified’ to ‘Pending’.

Please note: for your various secure and convenient international purchases, you will be able to continue to use USD cards with complete peace of mind.

We believe that we provide you with exceptional and unique services, and we will be delighted to hear your thoughts on these new features. In the meantime, don’t forget to update your PaySika app on the stores….

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