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Current topics • 25 September 2023

Between flexibility in learning, perfect autonomy, real-time monitoring of progress, time management in the absence of a work environment, self-evaluation during and after training, … The benefits of e-learning are undeniable, especially since the 2019 health crisis.  

For people who want to learn new skills from the comfort of their sofa, several learning platforms have developed over the past few years. This phenomenon is even more accentuated in Africa with innovations around neo-banks. In Cameroon, for example, it is now possible to pay and follow your courses online on certain platforms thanks to the PaySika debit card, a reliable and secure online payment method.  

In this article, we have selected for you the 6 best online training platforms in 2023.



Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform that offers more than 213,000 courses (in multiple languages) to more than 62 million participants. From the site or via  the Udemy application, it is possible to download some videos made available by the trainer to view them while online.

The free courses offered by Udemy often have less than 2 hours of video content. Their goal is to allow you to sample the content and decide whether you want to learn more or not. To benefit from all the courses or practical and quality training, it will be preferable to buy or download.  

Due to the sheer volume of courses available, prices on Udemy vary greatly by category. For example, when you buy a course on this platform, you also have access to videos, conferences, slides. As well as any other tools that the instructor believes would enhance your learning experience. 

Buying an online course on Udemy is easy!  

  • Once you have found the course you wish to enrol in, click  “buy now” on the home page of the course in question.  
  • You will then be redirected to  the “payment page” which will present you with the different payment methods to which you are entitled.  

If you are in Cameroon for example, you can use the virtual card PaySika, one of the most reliable banking alternatives in French-speaking Africa.  

2- Coursera


Coursera is considered one of the best online learning alternatives, although it has fewer courses than Udemy.  

On Coursera, you can receive most courses for free to boost your learning at your own pace. In addition, if you wish to enhance your training with a certification, you can obtain it by paying a reasonable amount.

You’ll be both amazed and happy to know that Coursera offers bachelor’s and even full-time master’s degrees from some top institutes. You will be able to join online courses for hands-on training. As well as, academic programs to refine the teaching received face-to-face in your various schools / universities.

The main features of Coursera are:

  • The availability of courses from real teachers/trainers, with a good quality of teaching.
  • Supporting certificates for fee-based courses.
  • Most courses are free.

Would you like to obtain certification in a particular field to be a trainer or professionally? This is possible on Coursera.

In general, these courses range from $15 to $200. If you live in Cameroon, you can now take advantage of these courses and certifications with your USD virtual card. Already have it? If not, you can get it here with one click.  

3- OpenClassrooms


OpenClassrooms is  one of the best online education platforms, because its training is both targeted and quality.  

This French site was intended for the basis for learning Web professions. Today, it is increasingly open, and offers a wide selection of modules. Several related themes are also available, including:

  • Marketing;
  • Science;
  • Entrepreneurship.

OpenClassrooms offers more than a thousand e-learning programs. Each, aimed for the most part at amateurs and beginners. The courses offered there are generally related to computer programming. And, all the themes that affect the professions associated with the Internet. However, since 2014, various video contents deal with other areas of activity. 

If you are a student who loves flexibility and loves to learn at your own pace, OpenClassrooms is for you. Indeed, you can even consult the materials in a partial way (either chapter after chapter, or in full). In addition, you will be able to measure your level as you go through the various quizzes. On the other hand, you will need to accumulate 70% of correct answers (minimum) over the entire training course in order to validate a tutorial. 

The advantages of OpenClassrooms are multiple:

  • The courses offered are of high quality
  • Learners are free to use a teacherPupils and students can help each other (understanding a subject, correcting an exercise, etc.)
  • The certificates issued are diplomas.

4- Alison


Alison is a site that offers completely free online training. Its main features are as follows:

  • Skills building courses with practical level training.
  • Certification courses available.
  • Training adapted to your learning experience and delivered at your own pace.

Alison is a learning platform that offers over 1,000 high-quality courses with 9 distinct categories for all learners worldwide. As a learner, you can access either certification courses, diploma courses or learning paths with long-term training.

All courses available on this site follow a unique learning model with different durations of hours. As mentioned above, the courses are completely free and you can even mention your certification on a resume in order to get your dream job in the future.

5- EdX


edX is an e-learning platform that offers courses in the $50-$300 price range. If you are looking for quality courses from highly qualified teachers, edX is the platform for you.  

edX is mainly characterized by:

  • Obtaining certification for courses from reputable educational institutions.
  • Communication between paying members and other students.
  • Access to comments provided by professors from time to time as part of various assignments.

edX is an active learning platform with premium courses that have proven to be better than others in more ways than one. This e-learning site has direct links to leading universities, renowned colleges. They aim to provide the best training to online learners. 

Here you can enroll in a wide range of professional courses, without getting up from home. In French-speaking Africa more specifically, the notion of e-learning has long been biased. This is due to the lack of a secure and reliable financial framework. Now in Cameroon, the PaySika debit card solves this thorny problem of online payment. You can, anywhere in Cameroon, pay and follow your courses online on some platforms without thinking too much. On our FAQ, we help you understand better.  

6- LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online training platform as its name suggests. The costs to get training on this site range from $19.99 (for Basic) to $29 (for premium).  

It is characterized by the following elements:

  • All LinkedIn Learning courses are geared towards improving learners’ real-world skills so that they can apply that teaching in a workplace.
  • Most of the courses available on this platform are able to enhance students’ ability to secure suitable employment in the area of interest.
  • This website includes a host of courses on business and marketing.

On LinkedIn Learning, virtually nothing is free, but the site is considered a potential solution because of its advanced course delivery practices.

LinkedIn Learning Objective

However, the objective of this platform is to boost the employability of learners around the world. His areas of expertise include presentation management, videography, office software, computer programming,   audio engineering  , and many other courses in the digital sector.  

Most courses can be found using video conferences. Users are also allowed to access video transcripts, in order to dispel any doubts.

Curious about how to buy an online course on LinkedIn Learning?

PaySika has all the answers, when it comes to online payments. With your PaySika virtual card, you can purchase all the courses you want on LinkedIn Learning. What are you waiting for? Get yours now.  

If you are hungry for knowledge and want to improve your skills in your area of interest, you now know where to find quality courses.

It’s time to get started and don’t forget, you can buy your courses on some platforms with your USD credit card. Download it to  benefit from its latest features and do not hesitate to share all your concerns directly via the messaging of the application.

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