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What activities can I do at Easter with my XAF bank card? 

News PaySika • 31 March 2024

aster  is one of the occasions during the year for parents, children and family to enjoy a few moments of respite. So it’s the perfect time to start business with ease with your PaySika bank card… It might also give you some ideas for the weekends to come! 

We suggest 6 activities to do or not to do with your family to celebrate Easter during this period.  

1. Cooking as a family 

Cooking as a family is a rewarding activity that helps children develop their self-confidence. At Easter, we invite you to discover recipes and menus that could please your family and your guests.  

By the way, on Udemy or on Coursera, you can find hundreds of video courses that are 100% practical and exceptional. On Amazon , too, you are entitled to books and recipes that cater to your preferences. So why not dare? 

To buy books online and pay for your subscriptions on these platforms, use your PayIka virtual bank card without fear.  

2. Relax in front of a movie or series 

To be in the Easter mood, relaxing in front of a good movie or a good series with your family is a simply brilliant idea!  

Opt for films or series that feature animals, that make you laugh, that brighten up, that arouse curiosity… It’s always beneficial for the whole family. 

Do you know where to find endless catalogs of this type of program? On Netflix of course! It’s a formula that offers movies and series on demand, but you’ll need a credit card to manage your online payments

With your XAF credit card, manage your subscription on Netflix and enjoy these magical moments spent with your family.  

3. Decorating the house 

At Easter, as at any time of the year, there are plenty of reasons to decorate your home.  

On Alibaba, did you know that on the occasion of Easter, you will find good deals according to your tastes and budget? 

4. Walks to the zoo 

Easter also means adorable animals, big and small. Why not take advantage of this holiday to take your family to visit the zoo?  

Whether it’s at the Mvog-Betsi Zoo-Botanical in Yaoundé or the Douala-Edéa National Park, several relaxation areas are open and perfect for the occasion.  

Bonus: by placing an order on Yango, you can request a ride, go for walks, discover the landscape, move alone or with your family without hassle and at your own pace. Paying for your ride on Yango is easy with your PaySika credit card.  

5. Exercising 

What if you took advantage of this opportunity to embark on an activity that is beneficial to your health? Are you not the jogging type and prefer to do sports at home? Who wouldn’t love it?  

Luckily, with sports apps, you can take hands-on classes while staying at home. To pay for your subscription on these platforms, what better way than to use your PaySika virtual card ?  

6. Take the time to plan a trip 

Travel has always had the advantage of being relaxing and evasive. And for it to succeed; They need to be planned well in advance and this weekend may be the perfect time. Do you want to take your family for a period of a month to spend fun and tasty moments? By air, it is an opportunity to discover and enrich its culture. 

Did you know that with your PaySika VISA card you can pay and book your flight tickets seamlessly? If you don’t have the app yet, download it here !! 

PaySika wishes you a Happy Easter!! 

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