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What are the fees on PaySika’s XAF card?

News PaySika • 4 January 2024

With the new update of  your PayIka banking app, you will now be able to make your transactions at very competitive prices.  

Is your app up to date on PlayStore and AppStore? Now you’re wondering what the new fees could be associated with your transactions?

What are the withdrawal and top-up fees on the Xaf card?

This is because withdrawal and top-up fees vary depending on several factors. However, we have condensed them for you:

  • The PaySika to Mobile Money withdrawal fee is set at 2% of the amount withdrawn. However, the 1st withdrawal of less than 50,000 FCFA is completely FREE

Image PS to MOMO Withdrawal Fees

  • The fee for withdrawing and reloading the XAF card is 0 FCFA

Fresh image…= 0 FCFA

  • The PaySika account top-up fee is 0 FCFA

Fresh image…

  • The fee for payment transactions is 1%.

Image transaction fees = 0 FCFA

What are my transaction limits?

You should also be aware that for security and transparency, your transactions are governed by limits (daily, weekly, and monthly) that you need to know.

The transaction limits for your Xaf card are as follows:

Maximum throughput in 24 hours:1, 000,000.00
Maximum Card Balance:1, 000,000.00
Maximum card amount per transaction500,000.00
Maximum amount to load the card in 24 hours:1, 000,000.00
Maximum amount to load the card in 30 days:1, 000,000.00
Maximum card load amount per quarter:3, 000,000.00
The Limit

To benefit from this new system, don’t forget that your app must be up to date on the Stores!

Image “update my PaySika app” with link

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