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Tips & Tricks • 10 October 2023

Are you an ambitious student who wants to diversify your field of action?

Looking to acquire new knowledge and skills to boost your career? Buying courses and certificates on online training platforms seems to be one of the best options.

However, you do not have any reliable and secure means of payment?

Indeed, most online training platforms do not integrate the usual means of payment in Africa. With  your USD card or via  your PayPal account,  for example, you will no longer miss the opportunity to pay for your online training.  

How to pay for your online training with the PaySika credit card?

Most sites that offer online training accept payments via credit card and/or PayPal account (Udemy, edX, Coursera, etc.). Whether to pay for training/courses and/or to obtain your certificates. Some sites set significant costs according to the criteria of these trainings. 

In French-speaking Africa, few banks offer young graduates the opportunity to buy courses. Also purchase certifications through online training sites. The rate of banking is considerably low in this region. Only a few neobanks like PaySika have been able to stand out in the field of online payments.

Online payment with PaySika and PayPal

With PaySika, you have the possibility to make payments via PayPal, but also and above all, to obtain your own virtual bank card in order to pay yourself for your training, your articles … No need to go through a branch, no more endless and administrative formalities in conventional banks. 

Moreover, most of these platforms allow payments via PayPal, which is a reliable solution for you because none of your banking data is directly transmitted. All you need is an email address and a password.

When paying by credit card, also be sure to fill in all the fields to complete your purchase (card type, card number, etc.).

An example of payment with Udemy

Buying online training most often follows the same pattern that Udemy offers  :

The purchase process from the PaySika interface
  • When you have found the course you want to enroll in, click “Buy Now” on the course home page.  
  • Then, you are directed to the “Pay” page which presents the different payment methods to which you have access
  • Choose your payment method (PayPal, credit card, crypto, etc.) and fill in your information.

Each time, find out beforehand about the payment methods that each site allows before starting the purchase.

Now with PaySika, create your PayPal account in 1 minute, then pay for all the courses and certificates of completion of training you want. Or simply, creez your USD credit card.  

Why choose PaySika?

PaySika is a start-up that works precisely in Cameroon and soon throughout French-speaking Africa. Its specificity is recorded on secure online payments (in Africa and internationally).  

Its objective is to support the emergence of digital and banking development, as well as youth entrepreneurship in Cameroon and Africa.

For a few years now, PaySika has been working to satisfy its users by improving its credit card every day. Today, you can find your temporary USD card with the following features and functionality:

  • It has a dollar currency (USD),
  • The minimum top-up fee is $2 (for the purchase of the card and its first reload) for the USD bank card,
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $1, but be sure to leave at least $1 in your card for the withdrawal to succeed.
  • The USD temporary card top-up fee  varies depending on the amount. *Between $1 and $5, you are charged 150 FCFA

*Between $6 and $10, you are charged 300 FCFA

*Between $11 and $100, you are charged 600 FCFA

*Above $100, you are charged 1%

  • You have the option to block and unblock your card yourself.
  • It has a validity period of 3 years.
  • Thanks to it, your data is encrypted and cannot be hacked.

The new version of your credit card is already available! Get your new card now, and now buy the training and certifications you’ll need.

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