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OpenClassrooms: how to pay for payments and subscriptions with a PaySika card?

Tips & Tricks • 3 May 2024

Let’s face it, studying online is not child’s play. It requires an iron will! In the age of social media, YouTube or TikTok, there is no shortage of temptations to procrastinate.

If you are a recent graduate who wants to expand your professional career, you have certainly heard of online training platforms such as OpenClassroom we have listed here of the 6 best online training platforms.

Indeed, OpenClassrooms students have more than one string to their bow to earn interview points thanks to the courses, certificates and diplomas offered by this platform.

However, to access some additional features of this site, it is advisable to become Premium, with a paid subscription (monthly or yearly).

Did you know that you can use your PaySika XAF credit card to pay for your payments and subscriptions on OpenClassrooms  ? Yes, we even give you the option to choose between Visa card and PayPal account. In both cases, PaySika remains your best ally…We’ll tell you how to do it.

Payment methods on OpenClassrooms

If you are registering for the first time on OpenClassrooms, you have three (3) payment methods:

  • Credit card Visa, CB, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express,
  • Credit card,
  • PayPal.

If, however, you encounter payment problems when paying for your training, we invite you to first check that:

  1. You have sufficient funds on your payment method. This is why to avoid blocking the card after 5 failed attempts, we recommend at PaySika to have 3,000 to 5,000 FCFA more on the card compared to the amount requested by OpenClassrooms.
  2. You haven’t reached your maximum payout limit.
  3. Your payment method hasn’t expired. With the PaySika banking app, you have 3 years before your account expires.

Please note: your payment method must accept 3D Secure verification, as it is an additional step when validating your purchase. That’s a good thing, because the PaySika XAF card uses this same asset to protect all your data. You will receive your 3DS code by text message or email.

Add or edit my payment information

In order to finalize your payment on OpenClassrooms, you can either enter a new payment method on the site or just re-enter your information if you ever encounter errors.

To do this, you need to go to your OpenClassrooms profile.

Images (OpenClassrooms profile)

If you’d like to update your payment method, you can do so from your OpenClassrooms account.

Note: We also advise you here, to create and verify your PayPal account with the PaySika bank card, deposit funds on your card and then make payments directly via PayPal.

To update your payment method, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your OpenClassrooms account,
  2. Click on your avatar at the top right of your dashboard (where your photo is), a drop-down menu opens,
  3. Click on “Settings” to go to a new page summarizing your personal information,
  4. Then click on the “Premium” tab to get to the page where your invoices and subscription description are located.
  5. You can then change your payment details

Image (change payment information by integrating PS card if possible)

  • Don’t forget to click “update” to save the changes. The next direct debit will be made via this new payment method.

Don’t forget that thanks to your XAF card , you can not only subscribe to your subscriptions, but also create your PayPal account and add it as a payment method on OpenClassrooms. Having trouble linking your card to your PaySika card? Feel free to contact us directly via the in-app chat.

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