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Facebook: what are the differences between boosting a publication and creating an advertising campaign?

News PaySika • 20 September 2023

As Facebook’s new algorithm  reduces the visibility of published posts, companies and individuals are wondering about the means at their disposal to increase their presence on the said social network. For this purpose, Facebook offers several options. The creation of an advertising campaign and the boost of a publication are part of it, but are often confused.

How to navigate between the creation of an advertising campaign and the boost of a publication? How to differentiate them? What are the steps to achieve them? What effect can we expect?

What is a boost of a publication?

A boost  of a post is a common form of Facebook advertising. Boosting  a post is like promoting a post. In general, a boosted post is usually associated with a photo or video. It is therefore not developed as a real advertisement because it has limits. The goal of this approach is to increase interaction with the page. It also makes it possible in a way to increase brand awareness

It is quite possible to add a payment method to your Facebook account/page. If we take  the example of the USD bank card, you can, for example, not only add it, but also manage it easily from the payment settings of the advertising manager. Moreover we show you in this  tutorial (tutorial link) the procedure to follow.

In this type of publication, the goal is above all to interact with the community.

Basically, boosting a publication encompasses 4 segments:

  • Sponsor a post you’ve posted on your Facebook page or Instagram Business account
  • Publish via the Ads Area of your Facebook page or Instagram Business account
  • Only 3 advertising placements are possible
  • The results are less targeted and efficient.

What is creating an advertising campaign?

The advertising campaign makes it possible to write an attractive and brief ad. It did not appear only on the newsfeed unlike the boosted publication.

This advertising approach is to put specific actions with well-defined objectives in advance. It allows us to have a variety of objectives on the advertising manager space. The audience can also be determined according to your target (men/women, age, place of residence, etc.).

Creating an advertising campaign therefore means:

  • Design an ad that has nothing to do with your posts
  • Create an ad campaign through Ad Manager
  • Have access to all available ad placements, depending on your goal
  • Choosing the right objective of your advertising campaign
  • Get a return on investment based on the performance of your campaign
  • Have a context menu.

Did you know that there are many ways to pay for your ads on Facebook? By credit or debit cards, via  a PayPal account, through a bank account, etc. If you have tested several and are still not satisfied, we offer you a much more intuitive solution: the USD virtual bank card. Try it, and do not hesitate, in case of problems, to contact support via the chat of the PaySika application.

Please note: PaySika is not responsible for any additional fees and VAT deducted during your online payments.

How to boost a publication?

A boost is easy to set up, since a post boosts directly on your Facebook page. Here’s how:

  • Choose the message you want to boost within your page and click the “Boost Post” call-to-action button below your post at the bottom right. From then on, a window will open so that you can create your ad
  • Specify your audience or define a specific target by choosing their age, gender, place of residence and interest.
  • Enter your budget and the duration of your boost, then press “Booster”.

How do I create an advertising campaign?

The easiest way to create an ad campaign is using the Ad Manager as outlined in the following steps:

  • Scroll down the drop-down menu in the blue bar at the top right of your page. Then click on “Create ads”.
  • Determine the objective of your advertising (increase your awareness? Optimize your site traffic? Have more fans? …)

Create your ad by defining a name, your audience, your budget, the calendar, but also its placement.

  • Select a format and image for your ad
  • Then write your advertising hook. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action button before clicking “Confirm”.

How to choose between the two?

The decision to choose between boosting a post on Facebook and creating an ad campaign will depend on your advertising goals and advertising budget.

If your goal is to simply increase the reach of an existing publication in order to reach a wider audience, boosting the publication can be a wise choice.

On the other hand, if you want to target an even more precise audience, create an advertising campaign on Facebook and by far the best choice, despite the relatively higher budget. This gives you access to much more advanced targeting options, different ad formats, and performance tracking tools to measure and optimize your campaign.

Nevertheless, whatever your budget, you must opt for an optimal payment method. Have you ever heard of the USD bank card ? Otherwise, it’s time to discover a more secure and cheaper alternative to make all your payments on Facebook.

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