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News PaySika • 5 October 2022

At this very moment, you probably know someone who is experiencing business injustices with several companies: they have no online or offline resources to meet their needs, they cannot reach services or for those who manage to do so, the exchanges are unpleasant, etc.

Our fieldwork revealed the following testimonies:

“I have been trying to contact the customer service department of XXX for three weeks, but nobody answers me. Neither by email nor by phone”.

“This morning I called XXX and the lady on the phone started shouting at me and hung up on me.

“The guys at XXX think they are gods. You call them to complain about their sh*tty service… They hang up on you. What kind of country is this? What is the state doing for these people?

PaySika says STOP to this way of doing things!

We really think that the customer is KING and we consider him rightly so!

That’s why, in addition to the blog available on our website, we have put at your disposal a knowledge data base. In it, you have a 99% chance of finding the answer to your question. We update it regularly, according to your feedback, to increase this rate.

But that’s not all….

You can also chat directly and live with a member of PaySika customer service.


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