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PaySika makes it easy to create secure and easy-to-remember passwords

News PaySika • 5 February 2024

You’re an existing user and would like to upgrade to the new version (V3) of the application. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you!

First of all, you need to update your application on the stores ( Play Store and App Store ) If you don’t have it, you can simply reinstall it.

Step 1

 You’ll need to log back into the application a second time, and at this point the system has changed. For added security, we’ll ask you to rewrite or change your password.

Step 2

Once you’ve rewritten or changed your password, a validation OTP will be sent to your number, which you’ll need to take and enter. If all goes well, you’ll be taken back to the login page.

Step 3

Before reconnecting, we’ll ask you to verify your number for added security. You’ll receive a validation OTP on the same number, which you’ll need to enter to continue.

Step 4

If all went well, you’ll be taken back to the login page where you just need to enter your phone number and password to access the application.

PS: If after one minute you don’t receive any verification code, or if you receive two codes for the same action (verifying your phone number or changing your password), don’t hesitate to contact us via the application chat.

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