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How PaySika simplifies KYC identity verification?

News PaySika • 3 January 2024

In accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and in order to combat the risks of financial fraud in Cameroon, data protection is a key preventive means.

Just like other banks and neobanks, PaySika is required to carry out  rigorous KYC checks to onboard and retain its customers.

What documents for KYC verification at PaySika?

Surely you have heard about the new features of Version 3.0.0 (link) of your PaySika application? Otherwise, download it here to enjoy the return of your Xaf cards and many other new features!

Once your app has been downloaded and/or updated on the stores, it’s time to verify your identity! Strictly speaking, KYC verification is a simple and common process that you will encounter in most banks.

At PaySika, we have simplified the process in three (3) steps:

  • Personal details: this involves entering your personal data (first and last names, district, city, NIU-Unique identifier number).
  • Documents: in this second step, you will need to select the type of document through which you want to verify your identity (national identité_récépissé CNI_Carte, passport, residence permit).
  • The selfie: in this last section, all you have to do is take a picture of your ID and hold it yourself. To this end, you will find a fairly explanatory tutorial in the application.

With the new update of  your PaySika app, the KYC system has been significantly improved to make your journey more user-friendly. From now on, additional information (region, income range, occupation) is readjusted in the “Personal details” section:

In order to make the verification process even more complete and secure, important data such as the location map will also be attached.

Note: Keep in mind that if your account is not verified, it will be created, but not active. Your maneuvering steps will be very limited, which is why it is always best to “check” your profile.

PaySika KYC

What Makes PaySika’s KYC Verification Special?

At PaySika, we are required to assess the level of risk represented by the customer and comply with the KYC regulations and guidelines established by Cameroonian legislation.

Not only is identity verification a guarantee of security for customers, but this process is also simplified to allow all layers to benefit from a  reliable virtual bank card.

When you start your verification process on  the PaySika app, you can leave and pick it up where you left off, without having to start the whole journey all over again. Isn’t that great?

Note: make sure to always finalize the information requested in a section, otherwise you will have to go over it.

What’s even more interesting is that when you submit your KYC for the first time, your profile changes from “Unverified” to “Pending”.

Do you finally understand why PaySika is one of the best banking apps that makes your life easier? In addition, when  you create an account on PaySika, the opening is quick and the customer service will assist you with the slightest difficulty.

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