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PaySika :What is a USD DEBIT card?

News PaySika • 12 May 2023

Since almost two or three weeks you have noticed that our PaySika debit cards were not working on the platforms anymore. This is due to the fact that they are in maintenance with our financial partners.

We have had a lot of complaints about the fact that you need a bank card for your payments and that your business is on hold.
To solve this problem, we thought about it and we decided to use a temporary card.
Please note that a temporary card is not a PaySika bank card.
In fact, some elements will change of course, namely the color.
Yes, the temporary card is black.

Here are some other things that change:

  • The card has a USD currency,
  • It is reloadable through Paysika account
  • the minimum reload amount is 2$.
  • the card can be blocked and unblocked
  • the withdrawal is done from the card to the PaySika account, the minimum amount of withdrawal is 1$.
  • the transaction fee of the card is 1% of the amount spent
  • It has a validation period of 3 years

Of course, you could make online purchases with your temporary card. You will only have virtual cards with this temporary card and no physical card.

PS: The information on the card contains a billing address that should not be changed under any circumstances when purchasing from a site that requires a billing address.

Rest assured, you can use your temporary PaySika card safely while waiting for your PaySika bank card

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