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Xaf Virtual Cards are back!

News PaySika • 8 February 2024

It has been awaited for a long time, more than a season, more than an eternity for some. Still, your patience and loyalty have paid off, as the Xaf card is finally back, and it’s back with a vengeance!!

Are you up to date with the new Version 3.0.0 of your PaySika app? If so, come and discover all the wonders that your sacred Xaf virtual cards have in store for you.

What to expect with the return of Xaf bank cards ?

“It was a long wait, but it was worth it” …

As before, you will be able to enjoy the same privileges offered by your Xaf virtual bank cards, and more! In other words, they will work as effectively as the ones you have known.

Although your FCFA cards are coming back with slight changes, note that you will still be entitled to convenient, secure payments, and seamless transactions. In addition, the enhancements to your cards will allow you to make your payments on multiple platforms that were previously inaccessible.

Apart from that, the first Xaf virtual card is completely free for any user who has completed their KYC. On the other hand, if you want to get a second card, it will cost you 1000 FCFA.

Please note: only users who have “verified” their account will be able to create an Xaf card. 

When it comes to top-ups, withdrawals, and transaction fees for online payments, they are practically similar to those of the USD card.

Also, as usual, you will have the possibility to delete, deactivate and reactivate your card via the mobile interface.

Note : Our USD virtual cards remain available to allow users to make safe and convenient international transactions.

What are the transaction limits for Xaf virtual cards?

In this summary table, you will find a summary of the different limits (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) of your Xaf virtual cards:

Maximum throughput in 24 hours:1,000,000.00
Maximum balance on the card:1,000,000.00
Maximum card load amount per transaction500,000.00
Maximum card load amount per 24 hours:1,000,000.00 
Maximum card load amount per 30 days:1,000,000.00 
Maximum card load amount per quarter:3,000,000.00

Your PaySika app is up to date on PlayStore and AppStore but you can’t create your Xaf virtual card? Don’t worry, contact us via the in-app chat and we’ll tell you how to proceed!

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